FemDom Semiotics: The Psychological Evidence

pic_7 (4)crThus far in our study of FemDom Semiotics we have laid down a comprehensive foundation for understanding the inner and outer mechanisms of the sexual sign-systems that are operational when a man (in some cases, another woman) enters the presence of the Woman of Power. Further, we have defined this Woman of Power as being always of radically dominant temperament, both sexually and otherwise, and in her most successful and effective manifestations or incarnations to also possess the characteristics of superior size and strength. In other words, the consummate Female Dominant is a Fat Girl, a Big Beautiful Woman with attitude. (Note: In making this statement, I mean in no way to be demeaning toward dominant women possessing leaner physical attributes or toward the men who worship them. I would hope that my mere presence among the advocates of alternative sexual practice is sufficient proof of my attitude of absolute openness and acceptance of any and all sexual preferences. The point is simply that power begets power and that big girls bring that extra dimension of physical intimidation into the equation in a most forceful way. For this reason, they provide me with the greater inspiration. For those who worship the thinner goddess, you have found your heaven on earth and I applaud you with unbridled enthusiasm. In such instances, however, all the semiotic facts regarding the phenomenon of Female Domination still apply.)

We have also demonstrated that the very existence of this dynamic is no fluke, that it does in fact proceed from an integral interior structure within the human mind and as a consequence, reappears consistently along the historical timeline in both mythological and historical instances. It also appears as an especially prevalent theme in the popular culture of our time. The clearly essential nature of this evidence from an evolutionary perspective provides an extremely compelling case for the absolute primacy of the FemDom paradigm as the natural human sexual dynamic, with the Fat Girl being its most perfect emissary.

If the case were not already sufficiently substantiated, there is still one last area of inquiry without which we can in no way claim to have exhausted our subject matter. That is the realm of the Psychological. While we have analyzed in great detail the semiotics of the individual FemDom encounter, and provided in-depth insights from the mythological and historical records, the final proofs for the existence of the FemDom structural imperative are ultimately to be discovered within the mind itself. Let us proceed, then, with some preliminary thoughts as to methodology.

4db2Since the advent of psychiatry, methodology in the realm of the psychological has, for the most part, taken the form of asking questions regarding one’s thoughts and impulses and engaging in an unusually stubborn attempt to answer these questions as honestly as possible without regard for the actions of the Super-Ego, the internal censor that seeks to modify the outward manifestations of our deepest pure libidinal activity in accordance with socially acceptable norms.  A second method is that of observing behavior and attempting to trace it back to the thoughts and impulses considered in the first method.  Ultimately, the goal is that of unveiling the hidden interior psychic processes that give rise to desires for engaging in certain types of behavior and, of course, to the concrete behavioral acts themselves.  Accordingly, our obvious psychically-targeted questions with regard to the phenomenon of Female Domination are as follows:

Q. Why do we desire abuse and punishment at the hands of Woman?

Q. Why do we desire annihilation at the hands of Woman?

It is important to remind ourselves here that the goal of our inquiry is the discovery and analysis of sign-systems.  In the realm of the psychological we are often dealing exclusively with interior phenomena, that is, thoughts and impulses as the objects of inquiry and further thoughts and impulses that arise in response to questions regarding the former.  In the realm of pure thought it is sometimes difficult to determine which thoughts or processes represent signifiers and which represent the signified, for here we begin dealing to some degree with representations of the actual signs themselves.  Realizing further that the signs themselves are often representations of deeper phenomena, our inquiry begins to lead us deep into the substrata of consciousness into the realm of the pure unconscious.  This, of course, is precisely where we want to be as it is the domain of the very intrinsic structures of mind that are the objects of our quest.  The key in working on this level is simply to keep in mind that the concrete Woman of Power, be she real or imaginary, remains at all times the source and embodiment of the original signification.  All lines of inquiry, whether external or interior, lead back to her as the origin and foundation of our transcendental quest.


With this in mind, let’s look carefully at these questions one at a time.  Our first question inquires as to the reasons we are desirous of receiving abuse and punishment.  It further stipulates that this abuse and punishment would be delivered and administered by Woman.  There are no parameters given as to who the woman might be.  She could be anyone.  She could come from anywhere.  What is provided is a suggestion of her exalted status.  Whoever she is, she is of importance, a woman of influence, hence the capitalization of the noun that refers to her.  Of course, her importance and influence need not extend to any group or even any individual.  To the enlightened supplicant, this is simply a way of identifying her as a woman who is fully aware of her authority over men.

Being certain, at the very least, that she looks down upon us from her pedestal, we consider the question again.  ‘Why do we desire abuse and punishment at the hands of Exalted Woman?’  Things have already become clearer.  Is it not far more likely that one who is superior to us might find ample reasons to exact some sort of disciplinary action upon us?  And for the same reason, might we not be far less resistant to such action than might otherwise be the case?  It follows, then, that our respect for Female authority admits of, at the very least, a sense of acquiescence to the idea of punishment at the hands of that authority.  And from acceptance, we move one step closer to desire.

Understanding that a Woman of Power has authority over us and knowing with absolute certainty that we must comply in every way with that authority certainly explains our ascent to a position of complete acquiescence with regard to any and all directives or actions initiated on her part.  We may easily understand the appearance within ourselves of great joy in carrying out her every command and suggestion as well, regardless of the difficulty and demands they may place upon us.  But at some point, regardless of how perfect our obedience, we must fall victim to corporeal punishment, and if the woman is truly of goddess stature, that punishment is going to be severe indeed.  It will cause excruciating pain at the very least, and result in far more severe short-term or long-term damage if she takes her commission seriously.  As loyal subjects, it is not within our province to avoid or refuse such punishment.  It is our absolute duty to endure it, and to endure it as bravely and cheerfully as possible for the sake of our beloved.  It is here that the key point of inquiry arises.  Having followed the logic of our analysis through, and understanding the complexity of our calling quite clearly, we take the ACCEPTANCE of punishment as a matter of course.  It cannot, as we have said, be avoided.  But considering the severity of Woman’s outpouring of wrath upon us, the question at the heart of the matter has nothing to do with why we accept her abuse and punishment, but rather ‘Why do we DESIRE abuse and punishment at the hands of Woman?’

From a psychological perspective, the answer is threefold:

  1. We desire it because it brings us closer to her.  Enduring corporeal punishment at her hands allows us to be more closely attuned to her will for our lives and this gives us a tremendous sense of inner fulfillment and joy.  The possibility of this higher level of closeness to her gives rise to desire.
  2. Considering the fact that for the Woman of Power the easiest course of action towards us as males would be to ignore us completely, the fact that we are counted worthy of the time and energy she spends inflicting pain and suffering upon us is something for which we are infinitely grateful.  The possibility of ascent to this level of worthiness gives rise to desire.
  3. Because she is a beautiful woman and because the process of corporeal punishment involves extended contact with her exquisite flesh, sexual arousal is inevitable.  Within the context of such already joyous transcendental circumstances, this arousal is indescribably powerful.  The possibility of undergoing this transcendental experience gives rise to desire.

13619An attitude of unconditional worship is revealed in all three of these answers.  The nature and quality of this worship is absolutely transcendental.  In worshiping the Woman of Power Male enters into a wholly mystical state of being.  The punishment he receives at the hands of Woman is merely another tool or technique that facilitates his entrance into that state.  It is not unlike any other transcendental technique for ‘breaking the spell’ of mundane reality, it is simply more radical, therefore more effective, and therefore more direct.  It is a shortcut to ecstasy, one might say.  Knowing, then, that Woman’s infliction of physical punishment upon him will transport him in the most immediate and radical fashion into the realm of ultimate spiritual bliss, is it any wonder that he should desire that punishment and in fact desire it above and beyond any and all other forms of experience?  In a word, Male’s desire for abuse and punishment at the hands of Woman is nothing other than his desire to commune with God.

Psychologically, then, we see that desire for punishment=desire for spiritual transcendence of mundane reality.  Being accompanied by sexual excitation, this desire is all the more powerful.  In terms of semiotics, the Woman of Power becomes signifier for the ‘God Experience.’  We may then be logically justified in postulating a corresponding unconscious structure through which the presence of God may be known through the presence of the Woman of Power.  Seen in this light, the phenomenon of FemDom becomes a structural imperative within the minds of men.

Now that we have gained some perspective on the problem of the desire for abuse and punishment, we must turn our attention to the second of our questions, which attempts to come to grips with the greatest mystery of them all, namely, the desire for annihilation at the hands of Woman.  While this question is indeed closely connected to the problem of punishment, it also represents a radical step into a wholly separate dimension of FemDom psychology.  In asking the question ‘Why do we desire annihilation at the hands of Woman?’ we are affirming the fact that our psychic interface with the Woman of Power does not always end at the level of abuse and punishment.  There exists an even deeper level of such interface , and that is the level of annihilation.


While the concept of annihilation can be understood simply as abuse and punishment taken to the extreme, its most important characteristics are those that separate it entirely from that category.  Philosophically and theologically the concept of annihilation is vast in scope and subject to a great deal of misinterpretation.  The most common misconception regarding the idea of annihilation is that it is synonymous with literal death, absolute obliteration, or the reduction of an existing entity to a condition of nothingness.  Of course annihilation can certainly be defined in these terms and often is.  But this type of literal definition by no means exhausts the wealth of meaning inherent in the concept.  As it relates to the realm of Female Domination, the concept of annihilation certainly contains the idea of death as central to its proper explication.  But this does not presuppose the notion of literal physical death.  As any student of the Tarot knows, the Death card most often indicates some form of powerful transformation.  It is the card signifying radical change far more often than it signifies a literal death.  In the realm of FemDom a similar interpretation comes into play.

We have understood something of Male’s desire to be abused and punished at the hands of Woman, and while the idea of coveting such radical pain may strike us as unnatural at first sight, in following the argument through to its conclusion we see that it is actually an entirely rational desire given the context in which it is situated.  But our ultimate question, ‘Why do we desire ANNIHILATION at the hands of Woman?’ finds us looking not into the face of pain and even disfigurement, but directly into The Abyss.  We have no alternative but to understand this question as pertaining to the desire for death at the hands of Woman.  How, then, in what possible context, is this desire to be understood as rational?  There is only one possibility and it admits of a certain amount of complexity which we will endeavor to unravel, at least to some extent.  That answer is the appearance of the death-wish in Male in conjunction with the presence of the Woman of Power.

13fWhat is the connection, then, between the manifestation of the death wish and the presence of the Woman of Power?  It all has to do with Male’s self-image vis-à-vis the indescribable, and indeed unfathomable existence of Woman.  Faced with the inscrutable mystery of her miraculous presence, it becomes his longing to bring himself into absolute compliance with the will-to-destroy that is integral to her being at its most fundamental transcendental level.  This theory alone possesses the depth to explain every aspect of the femdom dynamic and experience; the power fetish, the superiority, the woman’s aggression, the man’s passivity, and the sexual obsession with the large, the powerful, and the beautiful.  But the death wish is far more than any mere desire for cessation or nothingness.  Male already experiences himself as non-entity in Woman’s presence.  No, the motivation for the death-wish is precisely the OPPOSITE of this!  It is the desire to be subsumed by Woman, to be absorbed by her, to become her even as the raindrop falls and becomes the mighty ocean.  This is the concept of perfect redemption through which the male (non-entity) attains to a manifestation, an incarnation of authentic existence.  Through the transcendental process of FemDom he transcends the realm of nothingness to become and to experience authentic existence, which is to say, human life in all its multi-dimensional fullness.

This death wish is at the heart of all sexual and religious impulse.  It is the possibility of transcending the state of nothingness that drives the will-to-ritual.  Ritual, properly so-called, has only to do with Sex and Religion.  (Ironically, the two areas of the human experience most generally considered to be mutually exclusive!)

008 (3)Seen in this light, the phenomenon of FemDom reveals itself as a manifestation of the highest religious impulse within the male psyche.  In the desire for death at Woman’s hands male reveals his infinite love for her in the fullness of its purity.  He delights in her display of omnipotence toward him, realizing in the material realm the deepest most profound longing of his spiritual nature.  Religion, Worship, the impulse-toward-Ritual; these things do not fall into the realm of learned behavior.  Yes, we are taught religious technique and philosophy, but the inner ascent-to-transcendence is intrinsic to the human mind.  It is a structural imperative.  And for the human male, the Woman of Power is the dominant figure who stands at the heart and eternal center of that structure, ready to deliver the most extreme forms of punishment and torture imaginable, leading ultimately to the death of male in every facet of his being. And this so that he may be born again into newness of life in HER image.

Picture 034


FemDom Semiotics: The Historical & Mythological Records

In discussing the semiotics of Female Domination from a structuralist point of view we are attempting to discover something along the lines of an eternal evolutionary structure that is intrinsic to the human mind, a structure that delineates female domination as the a priori condition for any relationship between the mind of male and the concrete reality of Woman.  In the previous posts from this series, we have already analyzed in some detail the semiotic patterns that are employed in any given encounter between Woman of Power and Male supplicant.  Now we turn our attention to the most important element of all, namely, the interior psychic apparatus by and through which these patterns are made possible and indeed inevitable.  Until we can uncover and elucidate in detail the characteristics of such structures within the intricate complex of the unconscious mind, we can never hope to fully grasp the true nature of the relationship between male and female, especially not with respect to its absolute grounding within the realm of the sexual and this within the deeper realm of female superiority as a whole.

How, then, are we to proceed on such an endeavor?  How does one go about ascertaining truth with regard to something as ephemeral as the unconscious mind of man?  Admittedly, it is no simple task.  Nevertheless, two principles emerge as substantive, one of a historical-mythological character, the other psychological.  But the first thing to understand clearly is that the structure of the unconscious mind can only be revealed and made comprehensible through an analysis of the actions, thoughts, and impulses to which it gives rise. We cannot put it beneath the microscope.  We have no way of making any kind of direct observations of its mechanics in action.  The best we can do is to deduce the nature of its characteristics by working backwards, as it were, from these actions, thoughts, and impulses, and by working forward with reference to input, i.e., from conditioning, genetics, and any other forms of influence that might contribute to the psychic makeup of a given individual or group of individuals.  It is precisely these input/output signals, if you will, that become the objects of the historical-mythological and psychological lines of inquiry we intend to pursue in our study.

With regard to the historical/mythological the materials at hand lean to a large extent in the direction of the mythological, and this for the simple reason that so much of this material is very old chronologically and presumes to speak to us of events that took place before the advent of more modern forms of historical documentation.  This is not to suggest that such material is lacking in truth content.  Indeed, it may well possess greater truth than any later, more journalistic styles of reporting in that it reveals to us a complex of archetypes that ascend to consciousness only from the depths of the unconscious.  The appearance of the archetypes is among the most powerful forms of evidence for the existence of the pyshic structures that are the objects of our search.  For the present, we should simply note that mythological accounts are generally regarded as ‘less historical’ than historical accounts, strictly so-called, although to my mind, this distinction is far more arbitrary than many academics would have us believe.

In any case, the earliest written records we have of a FemDom archetype comes to us from ancient Sumeria in the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Here we are told of the Goddess Inanna, who would later become Ishtar in the Babylonian ‘update’ of this original myth, and who became prominent as the Matron Deity of Uruk.  Uruk was perhaps the earliest example of what would eventually become the modern metropolis, with a sophisticated social dynamic, infrastructure, and political system.  Inanna is always depicted as a Fat Girl, proof that the ideal of female power was a woman of both size and strength.  We know from what was written of her that she was definitely not lacking in attitude.  She was the goddess of warfare, fertility, and sexual love, which is to say that she was not opposed to violence when it came to getting a particular job done, and that her conception of sexuality extended far beyond its procreative function.  Inanna was a sexual being.  She is portrayed as a beautiful woman of power who first attracted men only to then reject them.  She obviously took sinister pleasure in toying with the emotions of men, a specifically FemDom psychological trait.  As further proof of her prominence within the minds of males, her very name means ‘Queen of Heaven,’ (‘Heaven and Earth’ in some manuscripts) It doesn’t get any more comprehensive than that. It is also noteworthy that she was one of the seven elite underworld judges of the Annunaki.  The Annunaki were believed to be the most powerful of the gods, and today are given a certain consideration as to the possibility that they were in fact aliens who visited this planet from another world and became involved with the development and evolution of the human race at the time of its evolution into a pivotal period of increased sophistication in all key areas of endeavor.  Regardless of the truth or falsity of that theory, what is undeniable, and germane to our inquiry, is the fact that as far back as the first written human records, there existed the notion of Woman as formidable sexual/spiritual power capable of ruling, manipulating, and exploiting Male with ease in the service of her own desired ends.  The existence of a Woman of Power is the obvious conclusion to be drawn from this early evidence.

Early Mesopotanian sculpture of Inanna.
An indisputable representation of the FemDom Archetype:
Sensual, Powerful, Big and Beautiful

As this post is already running long, and in the interests of trying, if possible, to keep each article readable in one sitting, it is not my intention here to give a detailed analysis of the data presented.  Rather, I am trying to outline a pattern of psychic and sociological history that serves as proof of an underlying structure within the male mind in which Female Domination and a reverence for large, physically imposing women exists as an imperative drive in the movement of human evolution.  Further in-depth study of the materials presented here on the part of the reader will, of course, engender greater awareness and more detailed understanding of our subject matter.

The next important mythological (and here many will insist that it is indeed historical) accounts of FemDom come from the biblical and biblical-related reports.  Everyone is familiar with the Genesis account of Adam and Eve in which Eve beguiled Adam into tasting of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  As the story reads, it was by virtue of her seductive powers that Eve convinced Adam to taste the apple, when it was entirely contrary to his own will to do so.  It was Eve’s power of sexual manipulation that allowed her to convince him, and in so doing, bring down the entire human race, causing them to become fundamentally flawed from that day forward with a naturally-embedded tendency toward resistance to the mandates of the one true God.  Imagine this!  A woman with such power over her male counterpart that her enticing him into one simple act, taking a bite of an apple, causes the demotion of his entire species in the eyes of God.  Pretty heady stuff.

In contrast to Eve, we have the dark figure of the demoness Lilith.  While Eve is so often thought of as the first woman, she was, in fact, the second.  Lilith was the first, born not from the body of man, as was Eve, but from the same earth as Adam, and consequently on equal footing with him.  Lilith took this equality seriously, and when asked to subjugate herself to him, refused.  Lilith wanted to go her own way, to do as she pleased.  Becoming the doting little ‘good wife’ to Adam was something she found unacceptable if not detestable.  In her sexual relations with Adam, she also refused subservience and insisted on being ‘on top.’  Eventually infuriated by her entire situation with him, she rose up and shouted the name of God aloud, something absolutely forbidden by God himself.  As her eternal punishment for this flagrant act of rebellion and for her insistence upon her sexual and marital autonomy, God sentenced her to reap death upon her offspring, the very children of humanity itself,  from that time forward.  Even today, there are those who provide protective charms above the cribs of their infants to protect them from the spirit of Lilith, lest she come to claim them as casualties of her apostasy.  Lilith wasn’t about to be subjugated to male, and, as original woman, already embodied the attitudes and actions of the true Woman of Power.  God help any mere man that got in her way!  The fact that she is depicted as original woman is compelling evidence for the existence of a FemDom structure as sexual/religious imperative within the male psyche.

Another powerful woman connected with the biblical narratives is Makeda, the Queen of Sheba.  The Old Testament tells us the basics of Makeda’s visit to Israel and her time spent with the powerful King Solomon but it is from the Kebra Nagast that we learn about her in far greater detail.  Makeda, most likely Queen of Ethiopia, though there is some evidence that her ‘Queendom’ may have actually existed in a southern region of Egypt and/or Yemen, made such a powerful impression on Solomon that he entrusted her not only with a son, but with the Ark of The Covenant itself, the most sacred object in the history of Judaism, save perhaps for the tablets of the law themselves, which were housed within it.

While the accounts of Makeda do not specifically state any acts that lead us to believe that she was of the ‘whips and chains’ persuasion, it is clear that the combination of her personal presence and political power were more than sufficient to enable her to exert the kind of influence upon Solomon that allowed her to basically demand whatever she wanted from him.  The inescapable conclusion to be drawn from the historical record is that Makeda’s feminine power was such that she could manipulate the most powerful man in the known world to respond favorably to her every whim.  To this day there is greater claim to the existence of the hidden Ark of The Covenant in Ethiopia than anywhere else in the world.  In Makeda’s ability to manipulate Solomon we find compelling evidence of her intrinsic power over men, and by implication, of a deeper and more pervasive power over men possessed by women in general.  Can we really question seriously the fact that Makeda was an utterly exceptional and irresistible sexual powerhouse of the highest order?  I think not.

The most compelling historical-mythological evidence for the existence of the FemDom structure in the unconscious mind of Male comes to us from the writings of the Hindu religion.  The Shakti tradition provides us with perhaps the widest range of evidence for the preeminence of Woman.  It begins with the cosmology itself.  Shakti is the primordial energy of the cosmos.  It is feminine, it is all-powerful, all-creative…it is Woman.  Shakti manifests on the physical plane through Parvati, called the Goddess of Power.  Parvati may be thought of as the provider of or channel for Shakti.  Without her all life remains completely inert.  Parvati’s manifestations are according to her mood, with the most ferocious and overpowering of these forms being that of Kali.  Kali is, of course, a well-known entity to those familiar with the world of FemDom.  Her name comes from the Sanscrit Ka=la, meaning black, time, death, and lord of change.  She is always depicted as dark, generally black, in honor of being the first creation before light itself.  Kali is the most vicious warrior/man-killer in history, and is in fact usually portrayed as standing with the prone form of Shiva crushed beneath her feet as she holds the severed head of one of her victims along with a large blood-soaked sword. Around her neck she wears a garland of skulls and her waist is girded with a belt from which hangs a full collection of severed hands, the spoils of her slaughter and symbolic of her role as she who renders men first helpless, then powerless, and finally dead.  The blood of her male victims is still fresh on her lips, spilling down her chin onto her chest as she savors it with morbid, lustful intensity.  She is the eternal symbol of Woman in all her awesome power and glory; incessantly, obsessively bent upon the degradation and destruction of Male.


 Kali (left) in all her ferocious FemDom glory, and the insidious Mohini, the original Femme Fatale. (Note the sexual effect Mohini’s presence has on her consorts!)

***    ***

Also to be found among ancient Hindu texts is the account of Mohini, one of history’s most notorious femme fatales. Mohini is the only female avatar of the great god Vishnu.  She is the ultimate enchantress, driving her lovers mad and often leading them to their doom.  Her name comes from the Sanskrit root, Moha, meaning ‘enchant, perplex, or disillusion.  As female manifestation of Vishnu, Mohini reminds us that even the greatest of the male gods can wield greater power in the form of Woman.  In perhaps the greatest manifestation of her power, she comes to the aid of Shiva who is being threatened by the demon Bhasmasura.  Bhasmasura had been granted a unique power by Shiva himself; the ability to turn others to ash simply by placing his hand upon their heads.  Bhasmasura decides to turn this power against Shiva, but Vishnu–appearing in the form of Mohini–seduces him so completely that he asks her to marry him.  Mohini agrees on the condition that Bhasmasura dance with her and mimic her every movement completely.  Bhasmasura agrees, and at one point during the dance, Mohini artfully places her hand upon her head.  Following her lead, Bhasmasura touches his own head and instantly turns into a pile of ashes.  While Parvati/Kali is best thought of in terms of raw power, Mohini gives us an early example of what would become the classic femme fatale, the most pervasive female archetype in history.

The examples given so far are by no means all-inclusive.  Space does not permit me to continue outlining history’s extraordinary Women of Power, but other well-known examples would include Salome, Delilah, Jezebel, Morgan Le Fay, Aphrodite, Medea, and Matilda from the gothic novel ‘The Monk,’ among others.  And besides all these examples, we have not even scratched the surface of the FemDom iconography that is present in modern times.  The list of movies and stories featuring the dominant female or femme fatale archetype is a long one and again beyond the scope of this essay. But to those even remotely familiar with the films and literature of the past 100 years or so, such examples will be quite obvious.  From whence, then, do such pervasive female archetypes originate?  They originate and endure from the hidden recesses of their native domain within the mind of Man.

Salome (top) and a modern artist’s rendition of Morgan de Fay.
Archetypal Women to whom men were mere playthings.

***   ***   ***

 Hindu Goddesses are invariably depicted as Fat Girls; Beautiful, substantial, immovable. Such images present us with the clear understanding that the idealized woman is no frail pushover in the world of men.  On the contrary, she is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

***   ***   ***

Whether we think of Man’s historical record as ‘mythological’ or ‘factual’ makes no appreciable difference in the grand scheme of things.  The fact is that, based upon that record, we are presented with a consistent image of Woman as being an entity of absolute power in both the realm of individual endeavor and in the political arena as well.  She is possessed of beauty, size, strength, and immense psycho-erotic awareness, which she routinely employs to her greatest advantage in imposing her will upon her surrounding environment.  This intriguing and compelling image of her has been carefully preserved down through the ages and can only be the creative result of a permanent inherent structure within the human mind, specifically within the mind of Male.  It is by virtue of this living evolutionary dynamic that all subsequent sign-systems–the physical shapes, the power-play of the Fat Girl, scent, dialogue, etc., everything that we discussed in detail in our previous post on FemDom Semiotic–are made possible and brought to bear in the everyday world by the Woman of Power.  Meditate on these things, loyal reader, and be on the lookout for the upcoming final post in this series on FemDom Semiotics where I’ll be discussing the all-important structural-evolutionary evidence for the FemDom Imperative from the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Philosophy.  I’m saving the best for last!  See you then.

21st Century Metaphysics. Part II: Meditation

In the last post we were working towards a viable contemporary conception of Metaphysics. We had determined that it definitely needed a face-lift in order to remain a relevant study for modern man who lives in the post-mythological age known as ‘what you see is what you get.’ Still, no matter how much we seek to modernize our subject, Metaphysics, of necessity, must include the study of mysticism, and this despite modernity’s’ bias against things supernatural. But the simple response to this objection is that the New Metaphysics does not look upon mysticism as supernatural in any way. Conversely, it considers it fully natural as it constitutes a pathway to HIGHER reality, and as such is certainly no less ‘real’ than anything else we take for granted in everyday life. In line with this, we had also suggested earlier that in addition to our necessary and progressive academic study, we must avail ourselves of new developments in technique through which we may actually experience these higher realities directly. Those techniques, at least in part, were identified as Meditation and Sex. And so the New Metaphysics presents us with the description of a discipline that combines all the solidity of scientific cosmological research with state-of-the-art applications for the apprehension of knowledge and realities that lie beyond the reach of scientific methodology. Our next order of business is that of outlining the features of this second and critically important set of exploratory techniques.


Admittedly, there are certain problems associated with the word, ‘meditation.’ For most people it conjures up visions of Buddha, holy men wandering the streets and countryside of India begging for gruel, and probably more than anything else, it reminds them of the rash of phonies and con-artists that made their fortunes in the 60’s and 70’s beguiling gullible, drug-addled hippies with one variation or another of dime-store ‘enlightenment.’ Typically, the more it cost, the more replete with utter gibberish were its contents. In short, it is easy to understand resistance to the word. But there is no sense in trying to dance around it by calling it ‘contemplation’ or ‘concentration,’ ‘manifestation’ or ‘visualization,’ etc. because, well, you know, a rose by any other name… So, let’s stick with the word, try to put aside our 50 year-old connotations, and get down to some real and genuine work in the realm of discovering ‘what it’s all about.’

As for a quick note on methods, there may well be as many forms of meditation as there are people who practice it, so I’m not going to deal as much with technique as with the mechanism through which the various forms accomplish their ends. The bookstores are filled with books on the various techniques, and most of them are useful in this regard. Experiment until you find methods that are comfortable for you.

Meditative techniques are key in opening ourselves up to change. Our routines program our minds to function in their service, and the more constant the routine, the more deeply engrained will be the programming. We actually come to glorify and often deify these routines and programs. In so doing, change becomes something fearful, something to be avoided, an undesirable element that could, at any moment, threaten the smooth operations of our routines. This depressing little vignette actually describes the life-patterns of the great majority of world citizens. What is needed is change, but change—the bugaboo of collective conformity—has ceased to be of interest. Meditation is a technique through which we can re-program ourselves. If we’ve been fortunate enough to discover our need for awakening, meditation provides us the vehicle for getting there.

Meditation progresses in stages, and the first stage is always that of gaining a basic understanding of how the mind works. Most readers will have attempted some sort of meditation or yoga and are familiar with the basic exercises of concentration, whether on the breath, an object, a mantra, or simply the present moment. They’re all geared toward exposing us to the inner workings of the ‘watched’ and the ‘watcher.’ Nothing new here. Upon reaching a certain level of mastery in the basics things start to get interesting. When our minds are unclouded by the random ‘flow of flotsam,’ as I call stream of consciousness gibberish, we begin to notice some powerful changes taking place. Our perceptions become so focused, and yet so free, it’s as if we’ve never really seen or felt the world around us at all. Everything begins to feel new and profoundly alive. It is here that our modern-day metaphysician discovers something powerful and transformational. As this process of self-emptying continues, reality continues to become transformed until a moment comes in which all separation from the external world ceases and transcendence is achieved. Transcendence is the goal of meditation. Its achievement is the summit point known as Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness is the province of the mystics, those who are beyond illusion and delusion, who have realized the miraculous majesty of Being and understand that it is manifest through them, through all of us. Such a level of consciousness necessarily takes us into the realm of higher dimensional space-time. We realize that all we now perceive, not only on a sensory level, but also on a higher cosmic level, is Absolute Spirit, the Universe-Consciousness from which all reality is spawned. Pure consciousness is the foundation, but even this is not really an accurate word. It is only meant to trigger larger associations. Cosmic Consciousness takes us into realms of the wordless. Spoken or written language cannot ‘translate’ our apprehension of The Absolute.

It has not been my intention here to discuss technique in detail so much as to enforce the notion that meditation is an essential part of the New Metaphysics. It is part of its look, its swagger, its vibe, and its methodology. The moment is upon us as a race to participate actively in our own evolution, and nourishing the evolution of consciousness is the most important part of it. Far, then, from being an anachronism or self-contradiction, this new breed of metaphysician, the complete person, the individual who resides in all dimensions at once, is the answer to humankind’s greatest need in the 21st Century. She is as comfortable in her daily affairs as she is in the depths of the most transcendent moment of ritual. She no longer senses any particular difference between enjoying a cocktail among friends or soaring through limitless planes of extra-dimensional space-time. She is an enlightened, eternal being. Her interior state is one of infinite joy. She is the model for a new phase in human evolution.

The Semiotics of Ultimate Female Power

Semiotic power, as it relates to FemDom & Fat Girls, refers to the sign system that is in operation between a Woman of Power and her supplicant. Because this system reveals itself most comprehensively during retribution periods, the two phenomena are typically linked together in discourse. But in truth, this sign system is at work between the two participants during all points of connection between them, such as in the act of looking at her, whether that be accomplished by admiring her in person or even by photograph, voice recordings, written word, etc. Whenever and however the woman appears to the man in consciousness, semiotic power is at work.

So, just what can we learn from the analysis of such a sign system? What do we even mean by referring to these ‘signs?’ Well, Semiotics is a complex study, but the long and short of it is this: our perceptions are formed by our interpretation of signs. Almost anything can qualify as a sign, but the key to defining the sign is that it presents something to consciousness that requires interpretation on the part of its recipient. Thus, every sign must be composed of two parts, namely, the sign itself, called the signifier, and the sign in its interpreted form, known as the signified. In applying semiotic analysis to FemDom and Fat Girls, then, we are basically trying to discern the character of signifier(s) created and displayed by the Woman of Power, whether she be a gorgeous Big Girl (without necessarily considering herself a dominatrix), or a lifestyle dominant woman whose greatest joy in life is that of controlling and humiliating men. As we will discover, the signification created by such women and the ways in which the supplicant male interprets them combine to form a closed system within which the grand structural schematic of Female Domination may be discovered, studied, and ultimately understood in terms of its operation and influence within the deepest and most primal recesses of the human psychic complex.

Obviously, when a woman acts to exercise her power over a man, she is going on the offensive sexually. Just as obvious is the fact that a man possesses no defenses with which to counter her sexuality. At the outset of their encounter, it is quite simple to enumerate the basic aspects of that sexuality; her face, her smile or absence thereof, and assuming she is fully dressed, her basic body language, which would generally speak of confidence and aggression. But it is only later, while fully engaged in the act of administering retribution, (now adorned in her chosen erotic attire) that the fullness of her transcendental power-statement is revealed. The basic sexual signifiers mentioned above likewise transmit only basic sexual messages, e.g., creating desire and demonstrating openness to the man’s advance, the certainty that she is not of the passive persuasion, and the confidence that he will find immense enjoyment in further pursuing the encounter. A dominant woman’s opening actions toward providing the retribution her prey so fully deserves may employ all manner of variations, but the signification remains the same nonetheless; create desire, grant permission, and lead the man into further interaction by demonstrating aggression. A significant point to notice here is that these initial signifiers would likely be interpreted rightly by any man, regardless of his sexual preferences. They constitute the ‘standard opening,’ as it were, in the process of retribution. And with these points firmly under our belts, it is time to address the deeper issue; the semiotic operations at work during the period of retribution.

What follows is a generalized schematic of a classic FemDom encounter, the creative process of retribution, which Male fully deserves as long as Woman decrees that it is so.  A gorgeous, powerful woman begins the process of the comprehensive deconstruction of a human male. It is critical to understand that at this point that it matters little whether we speak of a real-life confrontation, or any of the various forms of virtual confrontation. The process of signification is precisely the same. Accurate semiotic interpretation is not in any way dependent upon form of transmission. It is dependent only upon content, or more accurately, what is understood to be content. With this in mind, we seek to interpret the woman’s signification as the 2nd phase of her task begins.

Adorned in her power-attire, the critical concept of authority is the first thing to radiate from her body and demeanor. This is accomplished by a show of force; flaunting the superiority of her body through which a man understands that he is in the presence of unlimited power. The supplicant properly interprets this signal in processing the beauty, strength, and sexual potentiality of the body she flaunts so shamelessly and arrogantly. And so, by simply presenting her extraordinary body (size, strength, and excessive sexuality) to him in the most sensual form of undress, the establishment of absolute authority is accomplished.

It is important to add here that when we refer to the accurate interpretation of a given sign or signs, we are speaking of those relatively rare men who know their roles. To men of inferior intellect, the same significators may sometimes be misconstrued as relating to sex rather than religion. Such a scenario is, of course, purely theoretical. In the real world, Women of Power would never become associated with such Philistines.

The Miracle of Recognition: (seeing her for who she is) Recognition is perhaps the most transcendental element in the entire sphere of Female Domination. Recognition typically comes to a man almost immediately after the comprehension of a woman’s unconditional authority. From the incomprehensible power of her body, and especially so in the case of Fat Girls, a man realizes that he is truly and fully in the presence of God. This recognition is not unlike Mary Magdalene’s recognition of Christ after he had risen from the dead. Now the supplicant begins to receive the deeper unspeakable spiritual impulses emanating from the woman’s physical being. He now welcomes the divine presence into the depths of his psychic interior as it flows into him via the medium of her glorious body.

THE BREAKDOWN OF HER BODY PARTS. Now entirely subject to her absolute authority and chosen by God to give himself in ultimate martyrdom, the supplicant is faced with the reality of becoming her ‘Lump of Clay,’ a mere mass of animated flesh that she will fashion into anything she desires, according to her whim.  A key semiotic development at this point is Woman’s exploitation of her individual body parts in order to drive the supplicant into the throes of ultimate confusion, helplessness, and contrition. Each body part may, and often does, transmit varying messages of sexual instruction to the supplicant. Her breasts, for example, may speak of ecstasy during suffocation. Her lips may intimate kisses so exquisite as to disable the man from any further interaction. Her powerful legs will speak of 2 forms of death; that of crushing his body or skull with ease, or that of rendering him completely insane through contemplation of their size, texture, and deadly power. Her magnificent ass is the least understood of all her body parts. It overpowers a man almost exclusively through its purely aesthetic qualities. While it is obvious that the priestess could kill with ease simply by lowering one of her phenomenal buttocks onto the man’s face and remaining there until he is dead, that is not Male’s foremost attraction to a woman’s ass. That attraction lies in the fact that its semiotic connotation and denotation express the certainty, in purely physical terms, of her incomprehensible perfection, forever unattainable to Male. The profound interior transformations within Male during Recognition set the stage for all that is to follow. Simply put, Recognition is that realization on the part of a man that he is situated on Holy ground. The entire spectrum of Female Domination is grounded squarely in this phase of Retribution.

3 (10)gOur next point of inquiry comes with the rise of existential fear within the supplicant. At this point he has acknowledged the woman’s complete authority over him, and he has become aware of a shift in consciousness from the contingent to the ethereal owing to the presence of her exquisite body and his recognition of its corresponding theological signification. And while it is incontrovertible that he is literally throbbing with sexual excitement, that excitement is now quickly superceded by fear; specifically, the fear that permeates a man’s being when he has no idea what manner of punishment she has chosen to inflict upon him as a result of his transgressions. Knowing full well the level of terror he is experiencing, a consummate Woman of Power may simply circle her terrified supplicant for long periods of time, showing off her body in an endless array of torturously teasing poses, and taunting him with the kind of extreme verbal abuse that causes the slow disintegration of his soul and spirit as the fear within continues to mount at a rapid pace. This is the most intense fear he has ever experienced, rooted not only in the knowledge that she can crush him like a snail anytime it strikes her fancy, but in the even more terrifying awareness that he is now in grave danger of slipping into a catatonic state from which there can be no return. A Powerful Woman’s attack is always far more psychological than it is corporeal, no matter how severely she may beat him, and it is this assault on the interior that causes him the most excruciating form of fear. For it is not so much his body she is after. It is his mind, his soul, his spirit. It is the core of his being that she wants to systematically dismantle.

We may now imagine the supplicant down on his knees, praying fervently to his priestess for mercy, in a state of being he has never known before. His emotions now are so confused, conflicted, nebulous, and driven by this omnipresent fear, he finds himself becoming something sub-human.  We should remember here that we are not dealing directly with the actual corporeal punishment of the supplicant. Physical beatings may be initiated at any point during the process of Retribution, but the semiotic messages from Woman’s physical being remain basically constant. At this point we move forward to what may be called the ‘endgame’ of Female Domination, consisting of varying levels of three final conditions typically present in Male in the latter phases of his punishment. These are: Resignation, Madness, and the Desire for Dismemberment.

Resignation. The experience of resignation within the context of our subject matter is somewhat more complex than our everyday understanding of the word. In general conversation, the idea of resignation is usually accompanied by a somewhat negative connotation in that it implies acceptance of something in spite of the wish that that something were otherwise. But as it relates with Female Domination, resignation heralds a moment the supplicant has been desperately longing for, namely, the end of all hope that he may escape Woman’s wrath. Having slipped fully into the above-described vortex of an entirely separate reality, and bereft of hope for any alternative outcome to the encounter, the supplicant—through resignation—is overcome by an indescribable joy. To anyone on the outside looking in, it will not appear so. Conversely, it will appear that his suffering only continues to escalate. So it is with alternate states of consciousness. And so, on the heels of Resignation comes the inevitable question of madness.

Madness. The radical shift in consciousness we have been describing is the result of multiple psychic breakdowns within Male’s personality complex at its most fundamental structural levels. In ordinary parlance, such a state is most often referred to as ‘madness.’ Of course, the concept of madness is in many ways impossible to quantify. The experience of transcendental ecstasy, for example, is inevitably looked upon by the uninitiated as a state of severe psychosis. Similarly, to the mystic, the entire course of life as it is lived by the masses represents utter insanity in its highest form. We would do well, then, to keep an open mind about our understanding of madness, and especially as it relates to the minority of men that forms the subject of our inquiry, i.e., those men who correctly understand their subservient relationship to Woman and who have the courage to live in full accordance with this truth.

Understood in this light, we might even be tempted to speak of such a man’s bravery in glowing terms, though he himself would naturally give all praise to the power of his interlocutor. Either way, the fact that he has recognized the presence of the Absolute through the semiotic interpretation of Woman’s appearance before him and been not only willing but anxious to risk the profound psychic consequences that go along with surrendering to that recognition must be looked upon as providing at least some small hope for the eventual evolution of mankind. But what of this state of madness? How may we describe it, if at all?

One thing notable in almost every case is the sensation of being entranced or possessed by the woman. It is the realization of being ‘locked in’ to her, void of any sense of self-determination. During this form of madness, a unique type of horror typically springs from the disappearance of all that is familiar. Having lost all conception of where he is, who he is, and even what he is, he loses that all-important basic impulse to struggle for his lost identity. It is often at this point that a woman orders her supplicant to imitate other forms of life. Dog sounds, cat sounds, frogs, pigs, horses, the list is a long one. Again, to the outside observer, these demands appear to represent the pinnacle of abject humiliation and dehumanization. But in fact, by thus pushing him further, Woman is actually granting him a measure of mercy here. Following her ‘barnyard’ orders, as they are commonly known, quickly and enthusiastically, actually provides a sense of much needed relief from the man’s incoherence. Having this brief experience of animal identity allows for at least a small sense of internal integration that was entirely missing from the prior state of utter disconnection.

Still, there is no doubt that, in the main, he obeys unhesitatingly in order to please his tormentor. It remains something of a mystery that a man so disconnected from all his normal mental faculties can still recognize clearly this obligation to follow her instructions, but it is the one aspect of his behavior that seems to be left almost fully intact. At the end of the day, our question remains; What of the madness of FemDom? Ultimately, no one can answer objectively. The question of madness, while always subjective to some degree, is almost entirely so in the case of truly religious men. When they return to themselves, if they do, they will not speak of insanity. They will speak of the infinite love of God.

This brings us to the final phase of FemDom Semiotics, the desire for disfigurement. This desire is not unlike what is commonly called a death wish. It is also the only phase of our study that is not universal in nature. The desire for disfigurement, almost always associated with the most severe physical battering on the part of Woman, is a dark recognition of an equally dark significator that emanates predominantly from the legs and eyes of the priestess, communicating her intent to inflict the most serious and possibly lethal kinds of physical damage upon her supplicant. Should this dynamic appear to the supplicant in consciousness, it signals something irreversible; either disfigurement or even death. While this notion is indeed macabre in the extreme, it must be carefully noted here that this is NOT a scenario of retribution that Male will resist. He will, in any case, be incapable of doing so even if he tries. Should disfiguration be Woman’s pronouncement for her supplicant, the result will be of a character that is grotesque indeed. Continued battering will always be, at the very least, to the point of hideous disfigurement, and in worst-case scenarios, to the death. This last sign system represents the Alpha and the Omega of Female Domination, i.e., ultimate martyrdom in the service of the Royal Priestess.

I hope that this admittedly brief overview of the operating sign systems attendant to Female Domination has given the reader some fresh insights into the psychic depth and complexity that are part and parcel of this unique and radically transcendental form of sexual and religious expression. Female Domination and the worship of Powerful Women are far more than mere matters of taste. They constitute hope for humanity and for civilization as a whole. For it is the natural order of things that Woman should dominate Male and administrate all levels of the social order according to her vastly superior intelligence and understanding of the inner and outer dynamics involved in successful communal living. One glance at any news program provides instant proof of the pathetic and self-destructive condition of the present-day male dominated world in which we exist. May the winds of change be about to blow!

The Inquisition

In order to understand the interior dynamic of Inquisition we must begin with a cursory overview of the principle that is at work in its execution, namely, self-assimilation on the part of the male supplicant. The problem of self-assimilation is ignored far too often when dealing with the subject of Female Domination. Many well-informed submissive men know nothing of it, and even those in the academic and professional realms of sexual psychology seem to be generally unfamiliar with it. The idea of self-assimilation is perhaps best understood with reference to the theories of Jacques Lacan, the famous 20th Century psychologist, known for his work on the workings of the ‘structural unconscious.’ According to Lacan, human life consists fundamentally of two periods; the realms of the Imaginary and the Symbolic. The Imaginary is identified with the mother, informed by the Feminine, and constitutes the period of an infant’s life up until the time of self-recognition. This is the point at which the baby recognizes his mirror image as a reflection of himself.  The Symbolic, is identified with the father, informed by the ‘masculine’ realm of symbols that constitute the social environment. This period constitutes ones entire life beyond that early realm of the Imaginary.  Implicit in this schematic is the idea that the purest notion of my being-in-the-world has sprung fully from that period of the Imaginary, during which I was still psychically one with my mother, representing the Divine Feminine in all its glory.  But if the key to our being-in-the-world is to be located solely within the context of that brief period during which we all exist in the realm of the Imaginary, then our only hope of uncovering that key, the structural mechanics by which it functions, and through which our individual natures must necessarily be defined, we may only make progress through the probing of the unconscious.  It is here that we may learn something of the male’s irrepressible drive to become subsumed by Woman.

It is absolutely essential that we remember, first and foremost, that this realm of the Imaginary is the realm of Woman, and that it exists for the purpose of divine illumination, which can only be experienced through her and through submission to her. This is the purpose of the inquisition, to probe the psyche until a hidden pathway from the conscious into the unconscious is opened. Such pathways are opened most effectively through altered states of consciousness or unexpected self-revelation. The task of leading the psyche to the thresholds of these passageways is the province of Woman. Her tools are many, but they may all be grouped under one main heading: Sexual Violence.

Through the experience of such violence, and its generally brutal consequences, the male comes closer to realizing the psychic aspiration of the dissolution of his individual self within her. He wants to become one with her so completely that he can never get close enough in terms of physical or emotional proximity. Through the physical destruction of his body and the verbal and psychological destruction of his ego, he comes as close as possible to the experience of that oneness, of that ultimate dissolution, so much so that if he is a man of sufficient intellect his psyche (his fundamental being) can actually be transported—or better, translated—into realms of higher dimensional space-time. It should go without saying that such a translation will constitute an experience of cosmic unity, or to coin a more popular term, ‘enlightenment,’ and thus becomes a vital area of study and real world application. It is this phenomenon with which our inquiry is concerned.

To some it may seem a wild exaggeration to suggest that such things as psychic translations actually occur in reality and may actually be studied and discussed intelligently.  I can only answer that such individuals have simply not as yet gained sufficient understanding of the breadth, depth, and complexity of this vast phenomenon to which we refer as ‘Reality.’  A refresher study in metaphysics would be recommended in such cases.  At any rate, the title of our essay is ‘The Inquisition,’ so let’s delve into some details.

The inquisition is a psychological technique, grounded in structuralist philosophy, which is combined with certain features of the confessional.  The difference between the confessional and the inquisition, however, is dramatic.  Whereas the aim of the confessional is cathartic, the aim of the inquisition is to scramble a man’s brain.  The inquisition is not performed in order that a man may ‘get something off his chest,’ although this may nevertheless occur as a kind of sidereal consequence.  It is performed to so humiliate and confuse the supplicant as to cause his normal psychic processes to break down and finally to collapse altogether.  And it is at this point that our conventional notions of reality break down as well.  The content of her interrogation is entirely up to the individual priestess.  Some prefer a series of questions regarding his personal life in order to use his revelations to lock him into a psychic straightjacket later on.  Others could care less about such specifics, concentrating instead upon interrogation designed to keep the supplicant spewing stream-of-consciousness blather, which she directs into an ever more confusing maze by radically changing the focus of her directives in ways that are directly in conflict with one another.  As his brain continues attempting to unify these impossibly disparate concepts, which according to her directives must be reconciled, (or else!) something eventually snaps and he is rendered seemingly incoherent.

Only woman is capable of generating this kind of psychic paralysis in Male.  We may speak at length about the tortures inflicted upon POW’s, victims of the extreme violence often associated with crime and so on.  But such instances, no matter how horrific they may be, may never be associated with an ascent to higher consciousness, by which we mean to speak of the highest of interior states accessible to the human being known as Cosmic Consciousness or Absolute Transcendence.

In terms of the specific lines of interrogation used by the priestess during an inquisition, they are as varied as the number of women that implement them, but most supplicants are familiar with them in one form or another.  The main defining characteristic of inquisition is that it consists of dialogue.  The priestess demands a certain line of dissertation from the supplicant and he, in turn, must respond swiftly and openly.  The priestess will have chosen one method of prompting him, most commonly the old-fashioned bitch-slap to the face, as a means of keeping him focused on the subject at hand.  Applying electrical shock to his genitals by means of some form of device is another popular form of control used in the process of inquisition.

The reader should keep in mind at this point that we are discussing the operations and mindsets of women and men sufficiently sophisticated to inhabit this higher spiritual and intellectual world of the unique phenomenon of Female Domination.  For while the same analyses likely apply to all instances of FemDom, it is the more philosophically inclined who will glean the most from our discussions.  So, while the words of an anonymous wise man may be true when he noted that ‘the worst sex is still better than the best of anything else,’ we will appreciate its true spiritual profundity in much more satisfying ways if we are able to apply intellect to what seems to so many as a mere perversion practiced only by the most degenerate of individuals.

I realize that this discussion has been brief, perhaps to the extreme given the subject matter.  But in rendering due service to complex material, I have found it best to first introduce key concepts in broad terms and thus to be able to elaborate upon them far more successfully in coming essays.  Rest assured that such elaboration will be forthcoming.  For the moment, let us find it sufficient to remember that with regard to the subjects of Inquisition and Self-Assimilation, two key concepts are important to apprehend:

1.  That a man’s most fundamental desire is to literally become his priestess.  Physically and emotionally this is only possible through the process of Female Domination, through which Woman’s complete deconstruction of her supplicant affords that opportunity on the deepest of all metaphysical levels, that is, within the structural unconscious.

2.  The Inquisition, consisting of dialogue directed by the priestess and most often generative of abject humiliation, admission of thoroughgoing inferiority, resignation to whatever fate she may impose upon him, and ultimately a comprehensive disconnect with everyday reality, is by far the most powerful psychological weapon in the priestess’s arsenal.

FemDom & Fat Girls: A Brief Introduction

Welcome to my new blog, FemDom & Fat Girls.  Most of you know by now that I have written extensively on both of these subjects, but this will be my first attempt at dealing with them both in combination.  The main reason for doing this is that my thinking about the beauty and power of Fat Girls and the myriad nuances of control and degradation associated with female domination are in fact closely related.  This introduction is, of course, not the place to enumerate the details.  That’s the point of the blog.  But suffice to understand that men who are attracted to Big Women are attracted to them because of their imposing and often intimidating presence.  Simply because size does matter, a hot Fat Girl will exude an air of strength and authority to which a man instantly falls prey.

It follows, then, that female domination need not always be focused on the element of pure corporeal punishment.  It can also be accomplished just as fully by a powerful woman’s mere presence and, naturally, by her demands upon her subject.  Herein we will cover each of these approaches in detail.  So join me in exploring the ultimate power of Woman, both as punisher and as altar of supreme worship in FemDom & Fat Girls.